Within 5 days, you should register the person’s death, usually done at the Registry Office closest to the place of death. Registration is usually done by a relative, close friend , person present at time of death, or executor of the will. The Funeral Director cannot register the death. Most Registry Offices require you to make an appointment. You should take the Medical Certificate issued by the doctor showing the cause of death to the registrar, you will also be required to answer the following questions about the deceased: their full name, marital status, date of birth, place of birth, occupation, maiden name (if female and married), spouse’s name, spouse’s date of birth, spouse’s occupation and any other name the deceased may have been known as. Once the death has been registered , we can then provide help and guidance in making all the necessary arrangements.



If someone dies at home, you should call their Doctor who will issue a Medical Certificate for the cause of death, if a Locum or Doctor On Call attends, they will usually issue a Statement of Death. You should contact us once the doctor has attended. Should you wish to keep the deceased at home for a short while, we can assist you with the arrangements.


The Hospital Bereavement or Family Liaison Officer will offer you support and practical advice on what to do next. Many hospitals offer a Bereavement Brochure which often has invaluable information. The hospital should inform you where the nearest Registry Office is located. Once you have called us, we will liaise with the hospital or care home to make the necessary arrangements for removal of the deceased to our premises. You should register the death within 5 days, but in the meantime you may contact us to discuss the arrangements of the funeral. Once you have registered the death, you will be given a green certificate which will enable us to remove the deceased into our care.


This is when the case is referred to the Coroner. When someone dies suddenly or the doctor is unsure of the cause of death, or someone dies as a result of an accident, the Coroner’s Office is notified. You may still ring us regarding arrangements but we must liaise with the Coroner before arranging and confirming the Funeral Date. The Coroner’s Office involved will depend on where the person passed away. The Coroner will advise you when to register the death.


When a baby dies before gestation, some parents are unable to attend the funeral, we assure you the funeral is carried out with dignity and respect. Quite often it is the local Hospital Trust that arranges the funeral, but should you require a private burial or cremation, we can supply you with a competitive estimate. We offer religious and non-religious burials or cremation of infants and children. If a child of under 16 years of age dies, we waive our professional fees for the funeral or cremation, you will only be asked to pay for third party cost i.e. coffin, clergy, etc.


We, as your Funeral Director will liaise with the overseas Funeral Director or British Consulate or Embassy to arrange the necessary documentation to enable us to repatriate the deceased to our premises. You are responsible for the travel costs and overseas Funeral Director costs. We also repatriate overseas from the United Kingdom, please contact us for estimated costs involved.


A funeral is a matter of personal choice and a confidential, no obligation discussion with us would provide you with an insight into the type of funeral you require, and the costs involved.

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